Mold: Mold Assessment Consultant

Mold Assessment Consultant - 40 hours (1) all topics listed above for Mold Assessment Technician, including appropriate hands-on activities; (2) requirements concerning workplace safety, including components of and development of respiratory protection plans and programs, workplace safety plans, and medical surveillance programs; (3) technical and legal considerations for mold assessment, including applicable regulatory requirements, the role of the assessment consultant, the roles of other professionals, record keeping and notification requirements, insurance, and legal liabilities; (4) an overview of building construction, building sciences, moisture control, and water intrusion events; (5) prevention of indoor air quality problems, including avoiding design and construction defects and improving maintenance and housekeeping; (6) basics of HVAC systems and their relationship to indoor air quality (including psychometrics, filtration, ventilation and humidity control), HVAC inspection and assessment, and remediation of HVAC systems; (7) survey protocols for effective assessment, covering the areas described under subsection (b)(5)-(8) of this section; (8) interpretation of data and sampling results; (9) interviewing building occupants, minimum requirements for questionnaires, and interpreting results; (10) writing mold management plans and mold remediation protocols, including format and contents (including structural components, HVAC systems, and building contents), defining affected areas (including floor plans), identifying and repairing moisture sources and their causes, developing a scope of work analysis, specifying containment and air filtration strategies, determining post-remediation assessment criteria, and clearance criteria; (11) post-remediation clearance testing and procedures, including review of mold remediation plans, visual inspections, sampling strategies, and quality assurance; and (12) case studies.
Class is from 8-5pm

Price: $800.00
Dates: (01) Jan 7-11, (03) Mar 25-29, (05) May 20-24
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