Lead license chart

All persons engaged in lead-based paint activities in “target housing and child-occupied facilities”, as defined in the Texas Environmental Lead Reduction Rules, are required to be certified. Following is a summary of the purpose and requirements of each. Applicants can obtain a complete copy of the rules and application forms from the website of the Environmental Lead Branch of the Texas Department of State Health Services or by calling 1-888-778-9440.


Education Experience Employment St. Exam Insurance
Inspector To engage in lead inspection 308.00 Lead Inspector N N   Y  
Risk Assessor To engage in lead risk assessment or lead hazard screens 610.00 Lead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor Y Y/N N Y N
Abatement Supervisor To supervise lead abatement activity 308.00 Lead Abatement Supervisor N Y N Y N
Abatement Project Designer To engage in lead abatement project design 610.00 Lead Abatement Supervisor and Lead Abatement Project Designer Y/N Y N N N
Abatement Worker To engage in lead abatement work 104.00 Lead Abatement Worker N Y N N N
Lead Firm To perform lead-based paint activities 1030.00   N N N N N