Lead license chart

All persons engaged in lead-based paint activities in “target housing and child-occupied facilities”, as defined in the Texas Environmental Lead Reduction Rules, are required to be certified. Following is a summary of the purpose and requirements of each. Applicants can obtain a complete copy of the rules and application forms from the website of the Environmental Lead Branch of the Texas Department of State Health Services or by calling 1-888-778-9440.


Education Experience Employment St. Exam Insurance
Inspector To engage in lead inspection 308.00 Lead Inspector N N   Y  
Risk Assessor To engage in lead risk assessment or lead hazard screens 610.00 Lead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor Y Y/N N Y N
Abatement Supervisor To supervise lead abatement activity 308.00 Lead Abatement Supervisor N Y N Y N
Abatement Project Designer To engage in lead abatement project design 610.00 Lead Abatement Supervisor and Lead Abatement Project Designer Y/N Y N N N
Abatement Worker To engage in lead abatement work 104.00 Lead Abatement Worker N Y N N N
Lead Firm To perform lead-based paint activities 1030.00   N N N N N

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GEBCO ASSOCIATES, LP has been in business since 1987, providing EPA and OSHA approved training courses to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex which are required for persons to be licensed and/or accredited to work professionally with Asbestos, Lead, Mold and other Hazardous Materials. We also provide various OSHA Safety courses including the 10 & 30hr for Construction Industry.

We are committed to assisting the private and public sector in providing safe and healthy conditions for workers and our environment through the efforts of our staff to provide reliable, competitive, friendly and quality educational services.

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