GEBCO Asbestos Awareness Training Kit

80 minute Asbestos instructional video available in English or Spanish

The Asbestos Awareness Training Kit has been developed to assist building owners in meeting the 2-hour Awareness Training required by the OSHA regulation for maintenance and custodial staff. It is designed to be used by an in-house coordinator as an organizational aid, and to assure all information is conveyed as required by current regulations.

Instructions, teacher aids and sample formats are provided. The 80 minutes of video instruction will cover all the required topics listed in the regulations, with the exception of local information. It gives building owners a convenient, cost-effective means of meeting this aspect of OSHA compliance.

Each kit contains:

  • Complete "how to" instructions
  • Hand-outs for duplication
  • Sample agenda & sign-in documentation
  • EPA Greenbook
  • Complete OSHA regulation and appendices
  • 80-minute instructional video (DVD or ½" VHS)

    Basic English Kit........................................... $295.00
    With Spanish video & handouts...................add $95.00

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    GEBCO ASSOCIATES, LP has been in business since 1987, providing EPA and OSHA approved training courses to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex which are required for persons to be licensed and/or accredited to work professionally with Asbestos, Lead, Mold and other Hazardous Materials. We also provide various OSHA Safety courses including the 10 & 30hr for Construction Industry.

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