Asbestos License chart

All persons performing asbestos-related activities in “public buildings”, as defined in the Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules, are required to be registered or licensed. Following is a summary of the purpose and requirements of each. Applicants can obtain a complete copy of the rules and application forms from the website of the Asbestos Programs Branch of the Texas Department of State Health Services or by calling 1-800-572-5548.


Education Experience Employment St. Exam Insurance
Abatement Worker(registration) To work on, transport, or load ACM, or do O&M work that dislodges, breaks, cuts, abrades or impinges upon ACM 69.00 Asbestos Worker (or Contractor/Supervisor) N N Y N N
O&M Contractor (Restricted) For building owners to perform O&M activities in buildings containing ACM 268.00 Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor N N N N N
O&M Supervisor (Restricted) To supervise O&M activities (may also perform as worker) 231.00 Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor N N Y Y N
Abatement Contractor To engage in asbestos abatement work.  To employ abatement personnel. 1102.00 Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor N N N N Y
Abatement Supervisor To supervise abatement projects 655.00 Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor` N Y Y Y N
Individual Consultant To design abatement projects, incl. inspections, mgt. plans, developing abatement, PPE and air monitoring plans and specifications 655.00 Project Designer, Inspector, Management Planner, Air Monitoring Technician Y Y N Y Y/N
Consultant Agency To employ licensed consultants, inspectors, management planners,  project managers, air monitoring technicians 443.00         N Y
Project Manager To monitor projects, assure contractual requirements, consult on PPE 328.00 Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Y N Y Y N
Inspector To conduct asbestos inspections 134.00 Asbestos Inspector Y Y Y Y N
Individual Management Planner To develop management plans, conduct inspections and assessments 268.00 Asbestos Inspector, Management Planner Y Y N Y Y/N
Management Planner Agency To employ licensed inspectors and management planners 443.00         N Y
Air Monitoring Technician To perform air monitoring services 114.00 Air Monitoring Technician Y Y Y Y N
Laboratory To provide PLM, PCM, TEM analysis of bulk or air samples 443.00 (must meet certain accreditation and/or proficiency requirements specific for laboratories) N Y
Training Provider To offer and conduct asbestos training for licensees 1102.00 (numerous submittals and teacher qualification requirements) N N
Transporter To engage in the transport of asbestos in the State of Texas 443.00 (specific waste handling training requirements) N Y