Mold: Mold Remediation Worker (English)

Mold Remediation Worker (English) - 4 hours (1) sources of indoor mold and conditions necessary for indoor mold growth; (2) potential health effects and symptoms from mold exposure, in accordance with a training protocol developed in consultation with state professional associations, including at least one representing physicians; (3) workplace hazards and safety, personal protective equipment including respirators, personal hygiene, personal decontamination, confined spaces, and water, structural, and electrical hazards; (4) technical and legal considerations for mold remediation, including applicable regulatory requirements, the role of the worker, and the roles of other professionals; (5) an overview of how mold remediation projects are conducted, including containment and air filtration; and (6) work practices for removing, cleaning, and treating mold.


Class time is from 1-5pm




Price: $150.00
Dates: 01/29, 02/26, 03/26, 04/23, 05/21, 06/18
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