Lead: Lead Renovator (Spanish)

Lead Renovator - 8 hours (1) role and responsibilities of the lead renovator; (2) background information on lead and its adverse health effects; (3) how to determine if lead-based paint affects your work and how to educate owners and residents in target housing or child-occupied facilities; (4) properly setting up work area, working in a lead-safe manner, personal protective equipment, how to effectively clean generated dust and conducting a cleaning verification; (5) EPA and HUD Rules for creating and maintaining documentation of the work; (6) how to train non-certified renovation workers in lead safe practices while on the job.
Class starts at 8am
***Please make sure you or your company has also submitted the application and fee to become a Certified Firm with EPA. This is required in addition to the Lead Renovator course. For more information on becoming certified as a Firm, visit EPA's website at: http://epa.gov/lead/pubs/lscp-renovation.htm

Please call to schedule: 817-268-4006

Price: $220.00
Date: 03/07
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