Lead: Lead Risk Assessor Refresher*

(In addition to this course, the Lead Inspector course is required for certification as a Lead Risk Assessor. We recommend the Inspector course be taken first.) (1) role and responsibilities of the risk assessor; (2) collection of background information to perform a risk assessment; (3) sources of environmental lead contamination such as paint, surface dust and soil, water, air, packaging, and food; (4) visual inspection for the purposes of identifying potential sources of lead based paint hazards; (5) lead hazard screen protocol; (6) sampling for other sources of lead exposure; (7) interpretation of lead based paint and other lead sampling results, including all applicable state and federal guidance or regulations pertaining to lead based paint hazards; (8) development of hazard control options, the role of interim controls, and operations and maintenance activities to reduce lead based paint hazards; and (9) preparation of a final risk assessment report.
Class is from 8-5pm

Price: $220.00
Dates: 01/22, 03/19, 05/14, 06/11
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