Lead: Lead Project Designer

Lead Project Designer - 8 hours (In addition to this course, the Lead Contractor/Supervisor course is required for certification as a Lead Project Designer. We recommend the Contractor/Supervisor course be taken first.) (1) role and responsibilities of the project designer; (2) contract specifications and cost estimation for abatement projects; (3) development and implementation of an occupant protection plan for abatement projects; (4) lead based paint abatement and lead hazard reduction methods, including restricted practices for abatement projects; (5) interior dust abatement/cleanup or lead hazard control and reduction methods for abatement projects; (6) clearance standards and testing for abatement projects; and (7) integration of lead based paint abatement methods with modernization and rehabilitation projects for abatement projects.
Class is from 8-5pm

Price: $225.00
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