HAZWOPER: 24 Hour Limited Site Worker

24-Hour Site Worker/ Limited Site Worker/ RCRA TSD Facilities - 24 hours (1) relevant regulatory requirements; (2) hazard identification & recognition; (3) site safety & health and emergency response plans; (4) review of health effects and medical surveillance; (5) toxicology guidelines (6) review and explanation of OSHA’s hazard communication standard; (7) review and explanation of RCRA operations for treatment, storage and disposal facilities; (8) fundamentals of chemical safety; (9) fire and explosion hazards; (10) general safety hazards; (11) general hazard and risk assessment techniques; (12) response organization; (13) selection, use, maintenance and limitations of chemical & (PPE) personal protective equipment; (14) termination procedures; (15) decontamination procedures; and (16) course review
Class is from 8-4pm

Price: $500.00
Date: (04) Apr 29-May 1
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