Asbestos: NESHAP Trained Persons

NESHAP Trained Person - 6 hours This class satisfies the NESHAP on-site representative requirements. The representative is responsible for ensuring that the NESHAP regulations are complied with and that no material becomes RACM, etc. This training does is not extensive enough to allow the representative to enter into any abatement activites, RACM removal or conducting inspections, but rather is responsible for ensuring that these things are done by the appropriate licensed people. Class Topics: (1) background information on asbestos; (2) health effects of asbestos; (3) detection, identification and assessment of ACM; (4) options for controlling ACBM, including removal procedures; (5) waste disposal; (6) reporting and recordkeeping; (7) asbestos hazard and worker protection; (8) relevant federal and state regulations concerning asbestos. Link to EPA's Memorandum Regarding Demolition of Asbestos Containing Structures Texas Department of Health NESHAP Documentation
Class is from 9-3pm


Price: $175.00
Dates: 01/25, 03/14, 05/31
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