Asbestos: Air Monitoring Technician

Air Monitoring Technician - 24 hours (1) health effects of asbestos; (2) asbestos regulations (state and federal); (3) asbestos sampling and evaluation methods; (4) calculating sampling times; (5) time weighted average calculation; (6) calibration of air sample pumps; (7) sample logs and records; (8) compliance testing; (9) clearance testing; and (10) clearance procedures.


This course is not intended to be a replacement for on-the-job training, in­ house training, and academic accomplishments. Student background profiles range from high-school education to doctoral degrees and span a wide range of experience levels. The less experience and scientific education one has, the more difficult the course.

Students should also obtain a scientific calculator and practice operations and functions such as squaring numbers, square roots, and entering and recalling numbers from the memory. Statistical functions may also be helpful. It is recommended to be familiar with the calculator before the course.


Class is from 8-4pm

Price: $500.00
Date(s): (01) Jan 14-16, (03) Mar 4-6, (04) Apr 22-24, (06) Jun 17-19
Student Name(s):

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